Redmi 6
Redmi 6

Xiaomi Redmi 6 and 6a: The Most Popular Range of Xiaomi

Today presented the Xiaomi Redmi 6 and also its more economic variant, the Redmi 6A, revealing its features and components to everyone’s delight. If you are looking for an economical smartphone with a balanced relationship, you already have a new option available.

Redmi 6
Redmi 6

First of all, we make an obligatory stop in the aesthetic aspect. The new Xiaomi Redmi 6 enjoys a design that largely maintains the changes that were already made with the arrival of Redmi 5. 

Its screen eliminates buttons, shrinks its frames and maintains the front screen ratio, but with one caveat, Xiaomi has decided to reduce the panel from 5.7 inches to 5.45 in HD + resolution. This change is not usual in these times, but it is clear that Xiaomi wants to establish a more obvious differentiation with the models already on sales, such as the Redmi Note 5 and the new 6X.

In its back the body keeps aluminum as a fundamental material, giving it 4 different shades that we have seen in other terminals of the brand. The biggest surprise is that they eliminate the black color of their catalog. 

In the central part of the panel, as usually occurs in this brand, the finger sensor is located. At the top, this time vertically with an arrangement similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi A1, we found a module of dual cameras of 16 + 5 MP assisted by artificial intelligence. The vertical configuration with which the Chinese firm was delighting us in its last presentations is thus discarded from this model.


As far as components are concerned, the Redmi 6 is still installed in its usual range, with economic range components that serve as a link between the basic and average series of the Chinese company.

This time, Xiaomi has decided on a MediaTek processor and that always creates reluctance. For a long time, the brand did not have processors of the Chinese company, but everything points to a refloat maneuver that can return little by little to Mediatek to a comfortable position.

Inside this phone, we found an Helio P22, which we could associate in power to an SD625, which increases the performance of this phone compared to the previous model. The processor is accompanied by 32 or 64 GB of memory and a 3 GB RAM.

We closed the configuration of this phone with a battery of 3,000 mAh, Android 8.1 under MIUI 10 and front camera of 8 MP.

Redmi 6
Redmi 6

We do not forget the Redmi 6A, this variant has been presented together with the standard model and which refers to the most economical edition within this family of products. 

The Redmi 5A has been by its own merits, one of the 5 best selling phones in the world in the first quarter of 2018, a milestone that only Apple and Xiaomi have been able to achieve. Now comes this replacement that seeks to continue maintaining the hegemony of the model in the economic range of smartphones.

In this model, Xiaomi replaces the Helio P22 with an Helio A22 of lesser power. This is accompanied by 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal memory. Its screen and exterior aesthetics are similar to that of its older brother, but in its back, we find a single camera and not two.

The individual sensor is 13 Mp and can maintain the blur effect thanks to the digital work done by the processor. Another feature that is eliminated is the fingerprint sensor, which disappears the back panel making this a simple phone, but very cheap as we will see below.


Within the sector, the Redmi are competitive because they know how to keep a balance between the components launched and a fair price. Always located within their range, they are telephones that give good performance and that unfold with ease in the basic tasks of our day today. This time they keep their essence intact. These are the prices to change the new models:

  • Redmi 6 – 3 + 32 GB – Rs. 7339
  • Redmi 6 – 3 + 64 GB – Rs. 8499
  • Redmi 6A 2 + 16 GB – Rs. 5999
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