WhatsApp, a platform for your Marketing Campaigns

Have you stopped to think that multimedia messaging applications like WhatsApp are perfect platforms to design new marketing strategies ?.

Every year the situation for marketing professionals is complicated, as they have to find new formulas to attract potential customers, retain the current ones and above all obtain a “profitable” return.

At this point is where I want to raise WhatsApp as a useful tool and platform to design marketing campaigns.

I will try to give solid arguments in 5 steps.

First step: data and more data

I do not want to bore you because many fantastic posts talk about this topic, and there are some different figures and sources, but today:

Only in India WhatsApp has more than 10 million active users.

A worldwide account is stated to have 300 million active users per month.

27,000 million messages in just 24 hours.

Also, WhatsApp approaches every day the Skype user base, a company that was founded in 2003, versus WhatsApp, which was founded in 2009.

Second step: key features

The aspects that define the “DNA” of this application and that make it valid as a marketing tool are:

  • A comprehensive volume of active users.
  • The massive volume of potential users, any Smartphone user.
  • Single installation app.
  • Easy use and easy implementation.
  • Profiles of all spectra, possibility of high segmentation.
  • User information: phone number, name, photo, social networks …
  • Creation of custom groups and by invitation.
  • Instant messaging, voice, images and videos.
  • It allows us sharing the same message with multi-users, which is useful for “mass” communication campaigns.
  • Geolocation.
  • A clean advertising app, which makes it more attractive to the user.
  • Available for all systems: Andriod, Blackberry, iPhone, Nokia and Windows Phone.
Third step: considerations to take into account

When using WhatsApp as a channel or platform for our marketing actions, we need to know the type of customer profile that buys our product or service, knowing not only necessary socio-demographic data but also usage and consumption, purchasing habits, ways of life … It will help us to catalog them in typologies or segments that will facilitate the success of our marketing campaign.

Also, a critical dimension to be taken into account comes into play, the social networks of our customer profiles can be a source of essential data for cross-media social media and WhatsApp.

Very important !!!, when establishing this type of marketing actions, it is necessary to create the work process, human and budgetary resources, responsibilities and work scheme to follow within the company or organization. In this way, we will minimize possible errors.

Fourth step: the potential of actions

Strong marketing actions that have used WhatsApp as a platform and that we could launch in our company, merely adapting them or giving us ideas to create our works.

We propose them:

1.- Create a customer service center in real time, where the response and interaction with our customer are done by a short message. A practical example is an electric company that advises its clients in simple repairs that the user can do from home by merely receiving brief instructions and a step by step through images. In this way, the company “loyalty” a customer who when he has a breakdown would be, go to his “expert advisor.”

2.- Establish a channel of direct communication with our client, teaching him how to do it. The best-known example is the Pringles potato brand that created a contest and a Mr. Pringles character, where the candidates had to send messages with creative emoticons through WhatsApp.

3.- It can be useful to interact with the user giving the advertising campaign another dimension, as Toyota did when it encouraged to change the mood.

4.- Proximity trade, offering products to your customers, specific offers of the day or receiving services or orders in real time, merely registering in a register, thus making the purchase process more comfortable.

An example in a cafeteria where, through WhatsApp, customers send the breakfast request just before leaving work, which means that when they arrive, they have it ready and personalized.

5.- It can be a handy tool also for internal marketing actions with suppliers, employees, distributors.

Step five: aspects to avoid

When we mark these marketing actions we have to be very careful with a series of characters that can cause us to fail, we tell you some:

Avoid intrusiveness: we must always have the acceptance and consent of the user. It is necessary that the user himself register or register.

Data protection: very important. The requirements stipulated by law must be met.

Spam: avoid saturating the client, send information that is not of interest, information from third parties … we can not forget that today the customer receives a multitude of impacts through a variety of channels.

Annual cost: we can consider it a barrier to entry when it comes to attracting new customers who do not have the application installed (in turn it can be a business opportunity if registering in our action we give you, for example, the annual fee … .all it would be a matter of making forecasts …)


As a Result

We can not forget that WhatsApp is just the platform or channel of communication with the client or potential, being the vital thing to know how to adapt WhatsApp to our marketing strategy, our customers and our business model, and not vice versa.

We must know how to take advantage of the advantages that the application provides us, to turn them into competitive advantages in front of our competitors; and of added value for our customers.

Because similar platforms there are many of them: Tuenti, Line, Joyn, Linphone, Wechat, Kako Talk, Blackberry Messenger, iMessage (only for iPhone), Viber … and tomorrow may be the new WhatsApp, in that case, you have to change the channel…

Do you dare to do “WhatsApp Marketing”?

Just in case you don’t know how to download WhatsApp, check out TechRadar article

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