Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel

What is the Sales Funnel and how will it help?

We continue with the endless list of terms and vocabulary that make up the world of marketing and communication . You may not know what the “sales funnel” is, also called “conversion funnel” or “sales funnel”, but you are probably already working with it (or you should!)

It’s simpler than it seems, do not be scared! Let’s see what a sales funnel is and how you can use it to optimize the management of your company.

What is the sales funnel?

The sales funnel is called a “funnel” because the final intention is that the users who enter your website end up becoming customers as they go through this supposed funnel.

Unfortunately, not all users who visit your website become buyers, but designing  a good sales funnel will increase the chances of this happening.

That is, the conversion funnel helps you simplify the process of converting a new contact into a customer, and also helps you:

– Automate
– Have located those people that you know may be interested in your service or product
– Save time in the sales process

It is very likely that the client needs multiple commercial impacts to reach the decision to buy a specific product. The sales process requires a phase of attraction that must be followed by a phase of attention that will make us win the trust of our future clients.

Therefore, a good sales funnel will be in charge of guiding the user to trust the brand and solve their needs.

How to make a Sales Funnel? – Sales Funnel Stages

Sales Funnel
Sales Funnel Stages

1. Consciousness 

The sales funnel starts at the moment when the user  is aware of the existence of your brand. You can get to know your brand by visiting your website, blog or reading in social networks. Therefore it is interesting to have in place a good communication strategy that determines the channels that can most interest your brand.

2. Interaction

The second step of the sales funnel would be when this user happens to interact with your brand. This is when you must move and try to get the personal data (email, for example) of the users. Your actions should be focused to capture your interest to get the email. If you have a hard time getting it, we advise you to follow a strategy of capturing leads. Here we tell you how to get more subscribers .

3. Decision: show added value

Once you have collected the data, it will be time to start the email marketing strategy (or the communication strategy that best suits your strategy!). This is where you must remove all your weapons and make the user earn your trust.

Show him how your products or services are so that he has knowledge of them. Do not do it directly, but through videos or presentations (for example) that show the benefit that your product can bring. Show that your services are worthwhile, and convince the user that you are the expert or the expert you need.

4. Conversion

This last step of the marketing funnel gives rise to what you expected from the beginning: that the user decides to buy from you. The closing of the sale will depend on how you have prepared the strategy and how you have accompanied the prospects through the different stages of the sales funnel.

How can you know the conversion you’ve had? Imagine that a total of 100 people enter the sales funnel, and only 5 people become customers, since in this case your conversion will be 5%. Easy, right?

If you have successfully developed all the previous steps it is very possible that the user accepts the purchase invitation, choose product and close the sale.

As you have been able to verify during the conversion funnel sequence  , it  is totally normal for the user to need to know your brand well before jumping head first to make the purchase.

Are you wondering how much time has to pass from the knowledge phase to the closing phase of purchase?

It will depend on many factors. As a general rule, it should be borne in mind that the more expensive the product or service, the longer the process , since the user will only make the purchase when you have demonstrated the value of your work.

Tips for your sales funnel to work

  • Offer free value:  as we have already mentioned, it is very important that you get a list of potential clients to carry out email marketing. Not all users will be willing to give you their email, you will have to fight a bit to get it. Giving quality content that is really useful to them will be a very effective way to get emails. Give it a try: make templates, make a webinar, write an ebook about a subject and offer it in exchange for your email. Keep in mind that this list of potential clients will be the basis that you will have to work to get them to become real customers.
  • Use a professional email manager:  you can automate the process with an email manager such as MailChimp , Mailrelay or GetResponse . Make sure you know the basics and learn well how they work. If you are not sure how to use them, we recommend that you externalize with a professional.
  • Make a good sales letter:  having a good sales letter will be another of the key elements to get customers. This concept, related to content marketing, is based on a text that explains your products or services. This text (which can also be a video or presentation) has to communicate effectively how your product will meet the needs of your users. You know, without confidence there is no purchase.
  • Take advantage of all the ways:  you can complement your email marketing strategy by making use of social networks and creating online advertising. These complementary actions can help you get more potential customers.
  • Use an informal language:  do not interact with users as if you were an encyclopedia or a technical prospect. You have to create confidence and there is nothing closer than having an informal conversation, one on one, without literary baroque.
  • Check the openings: it is very important that you keep track of the rate of openings and clicks. This way you will know what is working and what is not and you will be able to optimize your strategy at the moment.

So far our advice. Just remember that, implemented successfully, a sales funnel will get you prospects, attract more traffic to your website and increase your sales. Now it’s time to get down to work and work so that your relationship with your contacts has this logical and structured sequence.

If you want more information on the subject or you want to tell us how you work your sales funnel you can write us in the comments section . 🙂

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