The six best real ways to earn money online thanks to a blog

I will explain the best ways to earn money with a blog, and especially the ones that I recommend personally.
Come on, that in this list you will not see anything to fill out surveys for money or anything like that.
1) Sell your services

It is usually the most popular way among freelancers or professionals to let you know on the Internet and increase your income in exchange for the services you provide.
And it is the most used because the mechanism is as simple as offering what you know how to do and charge for it.
Do you know how to keep the accounts?
Do you already know how to write a story?
Do you know how to solve plumbing doubts?

Well, you only have to charge money for it.
You have two main options:
1) Offer your services through web platforms that take care of all the fuss of payments and collections, and also serve as a showcase to teach what you know how to do.
They usually will take a “small” commission for each service offered, and the bad thing, in my view, is that you will be “one of the lots”:
o fiverr.com
o freelancer.com
2) Offer your services in your professional blog without the need for an executive.
Honestly, I think the best option to make a difference and to be recognized as an expert in the services you offer.
But of course, not being “one of the bunch” requires more work: know how to promote yourself, web positioning, attract more web traffic, carry out marketing strategies, etc. And even then, in the long run, you can earn a good amount of money.

2) Affiliate Marketing

One of my favorite way when talking about earning through the blog.
It is about recommending products or services from others and taking a commission if they get a client thanks to you.
This sounds wonderful, but you must understand that not everyone is going to pay money for something just because you say it. Why should they do it?
It is true that some products or services are more comfortable to sell online than others and therefore get commissions. For example, if you want to host for your website you do not go to the shop that is a few meters away from your house; you search the Internet, right?
But it is also true that precisely these products or services have a brutal competition on the Internet. Look at the “Competition” value given by the SEMrush tool for the keyword “hosting,” where the value “1” means the highest level of competition. The best example is to earn with Amazon, they offer great % of share which you can add in your earnings

3) Create info-products

Undoubtedly another of the best options with which to earn money with a blog. The mechanism is as “simple” as selling a product based on your information or experience.
Usually, this information is offered as an ebook, a podcast or even an online course to generate passive income, but the important thing is to provide something different.
Unlike selling a service, the key to the info-product is that you do it once and it is worth you to earn money selling it X times. Even a course with live classes will be given once for X students at a time.

4) Advertising

It’s not bad hey, it’s not that you’re going to earn a lot of money online this way, but something is something … Of course, you’re going to need those 1,000 visits a day and that CTR of 1%, and you’re going to sweat sulfur to get both because it’s not easy …
My personal recommendation is that you focus on using this type of advertising only if you do it in what is usually called “niche” websites. That is highly specialized sites (or set of topics) aimed at a particular market.
So you will get two things:
A much higher CTR: this specialization will make the visitors already know what they are going for. In this way, the ads shown are strongly segmented to that type of audience, and the chances of them clicking on them are much higher.
More visits: this is not always the case, but it is clear that specializing in a topic can have a more significant impact on it, and a good SEO strategy can place you in the top positions of Google for relevant keywords on that topic.
And what I do not recommend or firmly is that you use it for a personal blog or at least if it still does not have a meaningful impact ( like the ones on this list ). Because the only thing you can get is a “bad image” facing your readers and surely earning much less money than you have seen in the example …

5) Get actions from users

This comes to be the PPA ( Pay Per or Action) or also known as CPA ( Cost Per Action). And it is nothing more than generating revenue if you get a user to act, such as subscribing to a mailing list. I like this form more because I find it more “flexible” to make money with a blog. And above all, I find it more interesting than advertising itself because it has different types of “actions,” which allows you to use different marketing strategies.
Types of actions
Get a sale: if you realize, affiliate marketing would be an excellent example of this type of PPA. In exchange for the user buying something thanks to you, you take a commission for the sale. A unique way to get more income without investing anything other than in your marketing strategies to recommend that you buy it.
Getting a Lead: usually refers to getting a “potential client” or someone interested in that product/service. The most common is that they pay you if you get the user to fill in a web form, leave their mobile number, subscribe to a subscription list, register on a web page, etc.
Get an installation: they call it PPI ( Pay Per or Installation) or CPI, and although this type exists for many years already, it has become fashionable again with mobile apps. So if you get the user to install for example an app on your mobile, you earn extra money.
PPA / CPA campaign providers
It is true that it is more challenging to get a user to “do something” than to make a simple click, but it is also true that these actions are paid much better than a simple click.
And of course, keep in mind the “market niche” you are targeting when choosing the type of action, the CPA campaign provider or even the advertiser.


6) Sell your products

Yes: this selling on the Internet is almost as “old” almost as the Internet itself, but beware because I’m talking about selling your products on a blog.
I do not speak of e-commerce, or what is the same, an online store that could have or not a blog.
It’s not easy to make money with a blog!
Now, the advantages and above all the convenience of being able to make money with a blog make it an option to take into account.
Come on, that madness would not try, do not you think?
Yes, do it well, please.
If you are going to invest money and especially your time in getting a source of income thanks to your blog, do it with a head. Think, plan and prepare your strategies because you can deserve so worth it.

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