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LinkedIn Marketing: 5 key strategies to succeed with your business

With a good LinkedIn marketing strategy, you can take your business to the top, whether you are a company or an entrepreneur.

It is important that you focus your business and have your Social Media Plan because from it you design the actions that you are interested in developing in each of the social networks. It is curious to see that many B2B businesses end up looking for customers on Facebook or Instagram when, in reality, LinkedIn is the most important tool they can boost in marketing.

They usually tell me that everyone is on Facebook and that advertising is cheaper there, but I always return the following reflection:

Your client is on LinkedIn “with a tie”, that is, to talk about business and, probably also on Facebook, but “with a shirt”. What do I mean? Because Facebook is a social network of leisure and that person is not receptive to hear you talk about work. He is there to disconnect.

You’re going to spend an x ​​budget on Facebook ads to capture few leads and poor quality. If that x you invest in LinkedIn Ads, your investment is the same, but your results are better, of better quality. Less but better.

And if we talk about Instagram, we think of branding and fashion social network, which is good to compliment your LinkedIn Marketing strategy, but not as the main network.

Therefore, you have to be where your customers are predisposed to talk about business. And if you are B2B that is LinkedIn.

I give you 5 keys that you handle with ease.

Linkedin Marketing

1. Have an excellent personal profile

When you go to a meeting with a client, you go badly dressed, do you wear your wedding attire? Probably not. So why don’t your LinkedIn profile mock it up professionally?

Keep in mind that this is the first image that your potential customer takes from you and has to be excellent, not good, excellent.

Do not neglect the options that LinkedIn gives you because your competition will take advantage of them. All of them, besides talking about you, help you to be found in the search engine of this network.

What helps you boost your LinkedIn marketing?

  • Profile picture: that you see your face, smiling and affable.
  • Cover photo: do not leave it empty. Take the opportunity to write a claim or the rest of your social profiles:
  • The headline and About me: use keywords in them.
  • Company positions: repeat those keywords.
  • Create skills to be validated: this differentiates you from other competitors.

Now you are ready to make a good first impression.

2. Publish appropriate content for LinkedIn Marketing

In many of my consultancies and training, they tell me that they are afraid and afraid to publish on LinkedIn, in case they say something inappropriate. I don’t know if this is also your case, but I want to tell you that this is a network like the others and different, like the others.

Aren’t you afraid to post a picture of yourself in which you can criticize your haircut? It is the same.

So, get over it and trace your content marketing strategy for LinkedIn.

What you need to chart this planning is:

Design a content calendar

Improvising publications has two drawbacks :

  • say something inappropriate (just that fear I was talking about) and
  • Speak without transmitting a coherent message.

It is not enough to post on LinkedIn. You have to be homogeneous with what you transmit, which altogether will make you a benchmark in your sector. This is essential if you want customers to come to you and not you to them.

What is your Know How? What do you know what is your specialty? What do you stand out on?

Do not even think to tell me that you do not know or at all because it is not true. We all have something differential that we do better than others. You just have to find it.

Think about different topics that interest your ideal client and assign them to this calendar.

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Draw a calendar of publications

Now that you know what you are going to talk about, you have to decide when you are going to communicate it to your contact community. This section is important when designing your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

Knowing how users of this social network act help you choose the best day and time for your publications. There is no trick unless you have to keep in mind that you are facing people who connect, usually during office hours. Refine more or less depends on your sector, how is the Buyer person you are looking for and try. Yes, do tests, write down the results you get and then decide on your best publication calendar.

Now comes how easy ? combine both calendars: the when and the what.

3. Create a profile for your company or business

Your professional personal profile is not enough. You need a company profile in which to develop your LinkedIn Marketing strategy.

People are not a whole. I will try to explain myself.

It is true that the engagement generated by a personal profile is higher than that of a company profile (in all social networks), but the company projects an image of professionalism and sustainability that a person does not have. And this is what allows you to reach larger customers, make better investments and, ultimately, grow.

Therefore, if you want to go further and higher it is important that you show that there is support behind you, a stable organization.

Here, as in the previous section, you also need your Content Strategy. Recover your Social Media Plan, fit calendars and go for it!

Linkedin Marketing

4. Develop a LinkedIn Marketing strategy that combines the communication of the company page and that of personal profiles

Now comes the magic in which you can implement a sales model based on Social Selling. When you combine the reach of your employees’ profiles (or yours) with the strength of the organization, the positive results arrive.

Personal Profile + Company Profile = Sales (Social Selling)

People amplify the messages of companies and they help us improve our reputation. Make the gears fit and improve your results!

We have already commented on the good complement of these two structural keys for sales. It is time for them to walk towards the same goal, each one on their way and feeding back.

Personal profiles help to amplify the content published on the company page and also rely on those that already exist on the website (preferably with a blog). 

That is, each one has a strategy that leads to the same goal. Find the points where they match (which are almost all) and roll!

5. Make LinkedIn Ads

There is a widespread reluctance to make ads on social networks, I know, but this is like investing in business cards or merchandising: there comes a time when every business needs it.

This item has in the budget of any marketing strategy on LinkedIn.

Social networks are neither free nor ever have been. There is no cost to open the profiles, but from that moment, minute zero, you have to energize them to meet the objectives that you have set yourself to achieve with them (because for some reason you have created them). And this requires time, money or both variables.

Mr. LinkedIn ”, like“ Mr. Facebook ”or any other“ Mr. Social Network ” has a business with which they want to earn money and that’s why algorithms cut the reach more and more. That means there are few people who see you without making announcements.

Nothing happens. They are the rules of the game and we have to accept them to reach our client, who is here, do not hesitate.

I only recommend that you launch these campaigns with a specialist and thus do not throw money.

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Conclusions about LinkedIn marketing

Every strategy has its complexity, of course. But the second less than the first, and the third less than the second. Over time you will be able to improve your planning, you’ll see. And if it gets complicated, ask a consultant for help, what is that for?

These five keys, in my view, are essential, although they can be enriched much more, of course.

I encourage you to start this exercise and tell me in the comments, what is your biggest difficulty in defining a LinkedIn marketing strategy?

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