iPhone X1
iPhone X1

iPhone X1 Is Shown In Video In Detail

A leak lets us see the appearance of the next iPhone 11.

Although there are still a few months for the new iPhone to officially appear, we skip the wait until September thanks to a new filtration, which allows us to watch the iPhone 11 Plus and the iPhone 11 Max in close-up. , names more than presumably for the new terminals of the Cupertino company and whose main difference, as usual, lies in the size.

New report on the future iPhone 11 (iPhone XI?) Expected for September. According to Macotakara ( via 9to5Mac ), a Japanese website that has hit several times in the past, Apple is preparing a new generation of iPhone with a triple camera by 2019. The details are interesting as they give new details about Apple’s plans this year.

Some cameras that will bring the tail

Keep in mind that the design and video that you can see below are still not official, but OnLeaks is one of the places with more reliability and reputation. If a few days ago they showed the design of the devices, now they offer a video that allows us to see in detail and in depth the design of the iPhone 11, destined to reign the mobile telephony market in the coming months

It draws attention, and not for good, the square design of the triple camera located at the back of the phone. A provision that surely will not leave anyone indifferent, as it draws attention. Especially in the models of different colors, since in black, the distribution of the cameras is disguised a little more.

On the other hand, from Apple do not risk too much with the presence of the notch in the form of eyebrow that have worn since they launched the X range to the market, and that today could be varied so that your space is more limited and does not occupy so much screen. Although it seems that it will remain so until its official announcement next fall.

iPhone 11 with the triple camera: good news and another not so much

Since the iPhone 7 Plus launched in 2016, Apple has had at least one terminal with dual cameras in the catalog. Last year the company added a second iPhone with dual cameras, putting the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max on sale. However, the rumors of a model with three cameras began to circulate already last year.


As we saw, the only tangible difference, as far as design is concerned, of the new iPhone 11 will be only the predisposition of the three cameras that the terminal will look on its back. An aspect that, like everything, may like more or less.

For the rest, the design will remain practically intact with respect to what we have now in the market. Maybe, there are people who demand more from Apple in that aspect.

The iPhone 11, which would come out later in 2019, will receive a series of updates according to a series of leaks. It would have additional cameras, improved depth sensors and augmented reality capabilities.

But in addition, it seems that they will revive the now-deceased AirPower: a wireless charging capacity like the one that recently debuted in Samsung’s Galaxy S10 series.


The iPhone 11 Max will see an increase in its battery of around 20 to 25 percent, the normal iPhone 11 between 10 and 15 percent, but the iPhone XR update will be a minimum of about five percent.

The increase in battery size will allow the new iPhones to perform the reversible charging of Qi-enabled devices, such as the new wireless charging case for the AirPods 2. The additional capacity means that the power can be sacrificed to recharge the peripherals while maintaining the same daily amount.


The iPhone 11 might end up looking identical to the X and XS on the front, but the back is shaping up to be quite different. Instead of a small space for the camera that houses, the 11, apparently, will have a big change, with three camera lenses and an LED flash.

It gives us hope that Apple is planning a major update of the camera for its new iPhones in 2019, which is great news because Apple iPhones are far behind leaders such as Huawei and Google in the camera department.

Apple iPhone 11 Price in India

Apple iPhone XI price in India is expected that it can be around Rs. 101,990. Apple iPhone XI Expected to be launched on Sep 18, 2019, and after 2 weeks of launch, Apple iPhone X1 will be available in India.

This is 4 GB RAM / 64 GB internal storage variant of Apple which is expected to available in Black, Gold color.

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