How to start a Blog as a part-time career or hobby.

Factors of a business blog, which will make us more attractive to both Google and people

1. Write for your audience

In the design of the Content strategy for your company’s blog, you must be clear about the audience (target audience or target) to which they will be directed.

2. Theme (relevant to your Brand and your Target)

You have defined your audience, now it’s up to investigate what your interests are. It is necessary to choose a theme (main theme and sub-themes) relevant to your brand, while appealing to your target. What am I going to talk about?

3. Beware of grammar / spelling

Even if you have created a post with a lot of quality information, your audience will not bother reading until the end, but clearly understand what you have written in it.

To use an excess of technical words and anglicisms, without being extremely necessary, is almost as harmful as committing several orthographic or grammatical errors.

4. Seductive writing (what you say and how you say it)

Related to the three previous points. This is one of the most important things when writing your articles, although many brands do not give it the value it deserves.

What you say and, above all, how you say it is of fundamental importance for the success of a business blog. Your posts should tell mini stories, or provide simple descriptions of your products and services, that arouse the interest of your objective audience and that in turn are easy to read and understand.

5. Informative and original posts

Your content must offer relatively original and quality information (added value) , to give the reader the feeling that he / she will be able to find the answer to his / her needs in the blog of your company. Remember also, that Google penalizes duplicate content.

This does not mean that you can not use some information from other blogs or websites. But if you do, always ask if that content can be manipulated freely by third parties and then quote the original sources of it. Never forget that we are talking about a business blog, because there are laws of authorship and data protection that a company, more than anyone, has an obligation to respect.

6. Keyword strategy

When writing an article, make sure you choose the most appropriate keywords for your business sector. Because those keywords (or keywords) are the terms by which our potential clients seek us.

It is convenient to place mainly those keywords in the title and in the beginning and at the end of the post. Also, so as not to tire the reader, try to use synonyms or related words throughout the post.

It is recommended that you use these keywords +/- 4 or 5 times throughout the article (no more than 4% of the total number of words), taking into account that written content should try to exceed 300 words (the ideal could be around of the 800).

7. Seductive titles

Use in your titles short phrases of no more than 70 characters, containing keywords and trying to arouse interest in your readers. See: How to write more viral titles?

8. Link strategy (internal and external)

Try to always link your content to other related articles of your blog, encouraging the increase of internal traffic, and / or to other blogs that can complete the information and improve the reader’s experience. An internal or external quality link gives more traffic to your website and, in turn, improves your valuation for Google. Outbound links and their benefits.

9. Simple, but attractive design

The design of your content and your blog in general, also has a great impact on potential readers. Make sure that the design of your articles is pleasing to the eyes of your audience. There are some people who do not bother to read a post that has a messy aspect, an excess of colors or that is poorly structured.

Including images or videos in your articles will make readers understand more easily what you are trying to explain and will give a more professional and interesting visual image to your content.

Also, keep in mind the type and size of the font (or letter) you use. It is very important and extremely necessary that the font style to choose is attractive to the eye and facilitate reading the contents of your business blog.

10. Use multimedia content (images and videos)

Related to the previous point. The use of images and videos in publications will not only make them more attractive, but it will also benefit the SEO positioning of your website / blog.

11. Share strategically in social networks

My favorite. The publication of a content does not end there, we must share it in a strategic way in all the social platforms in which we have presence.

In the same way, we have the obligation to make things easier for our audience, so they can do the same. That our audience shares our content is even more important than the fact that we do it ourselves. Do not forget that all that virality in social networks will bring more visibility and a good amount of traffic to the blog / web of our company.

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