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How To Get a Good Web Design?

A few years ago having a web page was enough, we did not take into account any other aspect, the only important thing was to be present in the online world. Luckily today things have changed, and if you want to convert, generate more customers, or transmit a good image is necessary to have a good web design.

12 Tips to get a good web design
1.) Consistency

I consider that all the indications that I am going to put next are important to get a good web design, but for me the consistency in the design is the most fundamental . With this aspect I mean that the entire web has to have the same structure, same colors, fonts, style and records. We must not forget that the website will transmit an image of our company, and that this should be as positive as possible.

2.) Ease of navigation

As I have indicated in my article about the user experience, the ease of navigation is essential for the user to be satisfiedand not leave the web. The structure of the menus, the sub-menus and the categorization of the content should direct the users towards the conversion. This process should be short and simple, the fewer clicks better, nobody likes to go from page to page to get what they want.

3.) Design of the links

In theory the links are set to offer complementary information to the user, information that can add value to the offered content. That is why it is important that the ” anchor text” , anchor text , be of a different color to the text.

It is also interesting, to get a good web design, that the links that have already been visited have a different color than those that have not yet been.

Another different issue is distinguishing internal links from external links. I always recommend opening external links in a new tab , this way we will not be losing that user.

4.) Visual hierarchy

It is simple, when we enter a web page what we want is to find what we are looking for, whether it is a product to buy or information about a particular topic. Therefore it is important that the information is concise , there can be no text to have, quality before quantity, and it is also important to have some visual support.

On the other hand, it is also interesting the structure of the text in F or in Z , which are the ones that work best and that the displacement within the web itself is vertical and not horizontal.

To achieve a good visual hierarchy it is important to plan the structure of the web for all the devices in advance. In the image that I show below you can see the mock-ups of a design, that is, the skeleton on previous paper before the layout.

5.) Content

It’s simple, quality before quantity. It is not only that search engines such as Google or Facebook, if Facebook, give priority to quality over content for the positioning of the web or the comment, but that users do not want to waste their valuable timereading things that do not add value

6.) Make sure you do not have mistakes

It is very easy to find an error in a web page, and a big mistake can cause people to have a bad opinion about your website, and therefore about your company . An internal link that leads to a 404 error, page not found, that the forms do not go well or that there are spelling errors, you must also include technical errors, such as loading time, in this section. To solve the errors you have to periodically review the web and spend time.

7.) The fewer options, the better

Given a large number of options, decision making takes much longer, so it is important to limit the alternatives on each page , and especially during the lead generation process. For example, in the landing pages of the ads it is usually recommended that not even the web menu appears. If the campaign is well done, only one page should find all the information to convert.

8.) Use of pop ups

I am not a supporter of pop ups, they are annoying and do not have a high efficiency, although something convert that is clear. Moreover, how many times have you entered a web page, the second you got a pop up or banner and decided to leave that page? In my case, on many occasions, if you want to use pop ups you have to use them well, that is, when the user complies with a series of features, time on the site, view pages, because in this way we will know you are interested.

9.) Mobile First

A year ago Google demanded that the web pages should be responsive so that they were considered to have a good web design. Due to the increase of traffic coming from mobile devices the tables have changed, and now this is the main device . Therefore, it is essential that the characteristics of these devices are taken into account over computers.

10.) Using scroll

Although today most of the pages work with this format of displacement, there are some that do not have it implemented in the correct way. The pages that work through vertical modules have a scroll scroll slower, in addition to making users lose their nerves by not falling at the normal pace, so I do not recommend it in the least.

11.) Simplicity

Any good web design, regardless of the sector to which the company belongs, or the purpose of the same, corporate page, e-commerce, requires simplicity. When I refer to that simplicity, I refer to the ability of the web to transmit a large amount of value with few visual elements .

12.) Testing

The best way to know if a web page has a good web design is to make tests , on the one hand internal and then with people outside the development of it. The way to perform these tests is simple, you have to set some goals to be done, such as submitting a form or finding X information, the user is indicated and the time it takes is timed, the whole process that follows to perform that action and all the problems you find. These tests must be performed until there is no problem.

Conclusions about a good web design

As you may have noticed, it is essential to have a good web design if we want, on the one hand, to have more users and on the other hand to convert those users into final customers of the company. If you have followed the 12 tricks indicated in this post I am sure that your site will have a good web design.

I trust that the article is interesting for you and that you can apply all the tricks on your website. If you want me to perform a technical audit of your site looking for errors and correcting them, do not hesitate to contact me, I have extensive experience in web page design, with WordPress mainly, and I am a superior technician in web usability and user experience, for what I’m sure I can help you.

See you in the next article!

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