freelance writing jobs
freelance writing jobs

How to make professional freelance writing jobs?

How to excel in freelance writing jobs?

Doing a good freelance writing service can make a difference for your business to grow more and more. Discover how to work as a professional.

Many people who decide to start on the Internet, want to enter the world of writing because they consider it the easiest field to earn money.

Total. Everyone knows how to write and, therefore, it is a service that does not have to be difficult to do.

As a result, many think that this type of work can be done by anyone.

But this belief is totally false.

However, this belief means that there is a series of events that do not interest anyone.

It is a matter of time before most of the editors who do not really have experience in the sector begin to lower the prices of their services.

In this way, they believe they will have more jobs.

Moreover, many times, the prices are so ridiculous that they hurt other writers who do work well.

And what does this effect? Well, the profession prostitutes itself.

A pity, by the way.

The explanation is simple: 

-Clients look for a cheaper service because they believe that they can have professional texts

-The editors have to lower the prices to have services

-The freelance copywriting service downgrades

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-Disadvantages of being a freelance lowcost editor

This is one of the reasons why living from what one writes, becomes a challenge.

Living from writing, for many, is pure fantasy.

It only serves to have a floor, but nothing more.

At the end and end you cannot raise prices because, in that case, you would be out of the market.

This belief irremediably makes an editor unable to advance more as a professional, when in fact he has many doors to discover.

But blindness makes me not see it.

And if he can not see, he runs out of ideas to improve the economic performance of his services.

Has this happened to you?

If so, surely you lack experience in the sector.

And you still do not really know how the profession works.

Summarizing accounts, you need a guide to help you improve your freelancer writing job in India.

So if you want to know how to do professional freelance writing jobs, do not get lost now.

Freelance writing is not just about writing well

Writing well is not the only thing you have to know how to do if you want to improve the rates of your services.

You need other resources or alternatives that allow you to offer your client not only a well-written text but a solution.

The problem comes in that most writing jobs are focused on writing content for SEO.

Basically, because they think it is the most important thing for the client.

Obviously offering a good SEO copywriting service is extremely important, but it is not the only factor in fact.

There are other fundamental aspects that you have to master to perfection if you want to offer professional writing services.

And it is precisely what I am going to teach you now in this article: to improve your services and to make, of this profession, a lifestyle.

9 Tips for freelance writing  jobs

The following tips and tricks of writing that I will give you below, I apply them daily as a copywriter.

They work for me

I hope you too:

1- Make titles that impact the user

Vital. The title of a text must impact, transmit and, if possible, excite.

A title that does not attract attention, makes a text not successful in the network because it does not attract an audience.

It is essential that it generates impact and, above all, that it encourages the user to read the content.

Of course, do not forget to include the keyword you want to position to have organic visibility.

2- Investigate before writing

Fundamental. It is not the first time that I contract the services of an editor and I find “altered” information, that is, with erroneous dates, false events, and so on.

That is a blunder that you can not afford to have, otherwise your credibility as an editor may be in tatters.

In addition, a well-explained text with truthful information always inspires confidence.

Not only the client but the users who read it, which consequently makes the reputation of the web much better.

3- Do not forget the punctuation marks

Mandatory. There is nothing worse than reading an article without punctuation.

That is a serious misspelling that you can not have in your freelance writing work.

Putting the commas correctly, the periods and commas or the question marks and exclamation, makes the text understood perfectly.

Otherwise, you can transmit an erroneous message. And sometimes that can be fatal.

So do not forget them.

freelance writing jobs

4- Structure the text

Essential. Without a good structure, it is impossible to write a text that is worthwhile.

Nothing will make sense, it will be worthless.

And this can seriously harm your wording.

In fact, in the case that you do not know how to structure content, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re still not prepared to be a professional freelance copywriter.

You still have to learn. And as soon as possible.

5- Engage the audience

Necessary. You will always have satisfied customers if you are able to engage the audience with your words.

For this, you need to know what they think, what they feel and what they need.

In this way, they will connect with your words and, consequently, connect with the products or services offered by your client.

If you do not know how to do it, you can start with a story to put the user in the situation, from which you can even get identified.

This will make you empathize with the story and become loyal to the brand, ideal for your services.

Of course, you will always get it with good storytelling behind.

You can also attack the pain points of the users, that is, show the shortcomings they have and thus force them to take a certain action.

The question is to know the buyer persona of your client so that the content is appropriate.

At the end of the day, what your clients look for with your freelance writing work are results.

Don’t you think so?

6- Write in the tone that the client wants

Logical. It is evident that everyone has our own style of writing and that nobody can change it, although it does improve.

However, when you write for a client, you have to use the tone that is requested because it is the voice of your brand on the network.

You have to be able to adapt to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes.

That implies that:

  • You must know how to write in close, cordial or informative tones
  • You have to talk about you or you depending on what the client wants
7- Correct the texts

Obvious. It is not the first time, nor will it be the last time I find texts that have not been corrected.

And, honestly, this is unforgivable.

This way it is impossible to prove your professionalism if you do not correct the texts.

We can all make mistakes when correcting.

But it shows when the article has been worked on.

And you should do the same.

So correct the texts and show the level you have.

freelance writing jobs


8- Delivery of punctual work

Seriousness. Delivering texts to the client on time are points that you gain as an editor.

That means that you are involved in your client’s project and that you value it.

It can always be the case that the task is delayed.

In that case, you have to communicate it to your client. That way you’ll never look bad.

9- Check the texts if the client asks for it

Commitment. If the client asks you to review the content. Do it.

What’s more, I would go ahead.

After the delivery, I would say that, if it were necessary to revise or change part of the text, I would do it without problems.

Sometimes you may be missing a concept that you must add or simply remove a section that the client does not like.

What I do know is that you are showing commitment to your client.

And this is what makes the difference.

Now that you know these tricks and tips tell me one thing:

How have you done your freelance writing jobs until now?

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