Do you blog for passion or for money?

By now it is known that there are about 110 million blogs and only a handful of people who currently write on their blogs for money. But, why the trend of blogging to increase so much, from 70 million blogs last year to 110 million now? Well … this is simply because people like to talk about their thoughts on the internet and share them with the world.

However, I am very sure that not all blogs gain a lot with the blogs they generate. Because, first of all, they never had the intention of winning anything. They only create the blog for the love and interest in writing about their daily experiences.

People like us who make a living with blogs, we should think differently when we publish or make a strategy on the blog to make money with our blogs. But in my experience, it is very important not only to blog for the money, because when you focus too much on money, you tend to have the habit of taking advantage of the launch of a product and writing about it instead of sharing quality articles, and People do not like to read too many things about the launches of different products.

Many people may not know this, but there are many ways in which you can earn money without writing things about product launches (eg Samsung S10) or reviews of products/websites. The best type of article in a blog is, in my experience, an article with very good content with a subtle sale proposal in the bottom part.

Care if you blog for money

Many people only focus on making money with blogging and are more likely to be easily disappointed. Why? For one simple reason, they commonly check their bank account once they have written something on their blogs. It is very demoralizing to find that you have not earned a single penny, and this affects your way and style of writing.

What you must do to get real money faster is to design a game plan that supports your blog and focuses on getting traffic before you even think about making money. Without traffic, you will earn money. If you have any experience with blogs on this topic, I would like you to share it in the comments.

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