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What is the best platform to create your own blog?

Do you want to create a own blog and do not know what platform to use? WordPress? Blogger? Ghost? This article solves doubts

With so many solutions that propose and promise similar features and functionalities, the work of choosing the right platform to create your own blog is hard .

It is not appropriate to focus only on the number of functionalities that you may have, because if what you offer does not have a practical value for your blog, you should not count it as an extra merit of that platform.

It is preferable, even, one that has fewer functions but that concentrates all its efforts in doing them well.

On the other hand, we must distinguish the types of accommodation we can find. It will be a central task when finally selecting the platform, so it must be compatible with the aspects and technical requirements of each one.

To detail on this topic, there are two types of blogging platforms to create your own blog:

  • Those you should host
  • Those that lodge in their own servers

The difference is crucial since the second group will not allow you to access such customizable aspects of the hosting services. But, nevertheless, it implies that they will take care of the technical part and that you only have to concentrate on writing and publishing.

Next, I propose a list of the most relevant platforms to create your own blog. And I will make a comparison to decide which is the best:


create your blog

Platform with hosting included. Behind it is the giant Google , which provides this service for free with a very good strategy to improve their advertising platforms.

And it is that it makes it very simple if you want to add advertising from Google partners to your site, which integrates AdSense to show relevant publicity to your readers with what you will complete your blog project with the desired economic aspect.

You can buy or use your own domain or use a subdomain “.blogspot” that Blogger offers you for free, although this is not recommended since it takes away your blog’s professionalism.

And offers

  • Statistics about visitors when integrating with Google Analytics
  • Topics to select the one you like most
  • Connection with Google+ , the social network of Google

The problem with this platform is that the sites that are created from it are very similar to each other.

What takes away the power of personalization , power of additional functionalities and impossibility to integrate with the identity and corporate image if it is a company, due to its limited visual themes.

WordPress : Best to create your own blog

create your blog

This platform is dua l, since you can host it in your own hosting (downloading it from or in the hosting they provide (in

The difference between these two options is maintained independently of the platform, since leaving other technical tasks ( relieves us of certain responsibilities, but it takes away our power of choice .

For the case of hosting on, we can select the plan that best suits our needs. Among them you have one completely free but very limited.

WordPress is known for its power of adaptability , since it can become almost any type of website you want.

Although it is intended to be a blogging site, you can add thousands of additional features in the plugin gallery, use or buy the theme you like and edit it for a perfect fit.

You can easily move from one type of site to another just by installing the appropriate extension and you can merge several types of sites.

For example, if you have a blog to talk about your products, you can then add a shopping cart to start selling them.

Everything is possible and simple with WordPress.

To use it in your own hosting you must download it, upload it to your server and install it. While it is not a difficult task, I recommend using a guide so that you do not miss any details.

This tutorial of Hostinger will serve you in the process that will not take more than 5 minutes. Once installed, its use is very simple due to its intuitive mode and friendly interface for the user.


create your blog

Another dual platform that you can find to create your own blog site is Ghost.

It offers a slightly more focused experience to writers in a simplified and optimized way for different features and functions such as: positioning in search engines, mobile pages and other facilities already included in the platform.

While all this can be achieved with WordPress, Ghost gives it to you in a more automated way, but again with the obvious disadvantage that you can not choose anything other than what they offer you.

That’s why WordPress takes a point in favor, because if you do not like how a plugin works, you change it for another and that’s it.

Ghost is based on node.js, ember, js and Handlebars that give it design versatility, good user experience, speed and efficient performance.

In addition, it is possible to extend, edit and improve parts of the code if you are a programmer since it is an open source solution just like WordPress. This is not the case with Blogger.

Another difference of Ghost with WordPress is that among its plans to host it on its servers does not include any free , and the most economical starts from $ 19 per month with annual billing. Although it does offer the possibility to try it for free for 14 days.

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These three platforms are not, of course, all that exist to create your own blog .

There is a huge offer of these services, but they do represent a large share of the web market. WordPress stands out because 60% of all sites with content management system (CMS) in the world are made with it.

Undoubtedly, the most relevant factor to choose a platform is the user experience it offers, because, within the common in a blog, all of them can provide similar benefits , which makes the search task a little more focused on those that concentrate on the standard user and that provide the flexibility that the web requires today.

Undoubtedly for all the above mentioned, WordPress wins the rest by wide difference especially for the savings in costs and availability of free options without this entails a drop in quality.

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