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9 Web Design Trends for 2019

We have already started the year, and probably we are all considering what we can do differently this 2019 and what this new year will bring us.

In the particular case of web design, trends and fashions dictate much what will succeed and what will not, for that reason we must not only be attentive to changes and developments in the sector, but be pioneers when creating proposals innovative design, original and different from the competition.

But not only you have to look at fashions and trends (which, as a general rule, are temporary) but on aspects and factors that have definitely come to stay. Many of these points to be discussed will already be known, and you will probably have read them a few years ago in other articles of Trends 2018 or Trends 2017, but they are so crucial factors that it would be almost a crime for us to leave them without mentioning this new year.

Do not leave any!

New Web Design Trends 2019

Mobile first (Mobile-first)

Every day more and more mobile devices are gaining ground, the vast majority of users conduct their searches and surf the internet through their Smartphones. Therefore, it is essential to prioritize the creation of a mobile version for our websites, which is friendly and offers an unparalleled user experience.

Less and less it is worth thinking about a design for computers and then adapting it to mobile devices, the constant use of mobile devices is tilting the balance in its favor.

Loading speed

This is one of the obvious points that we have mentioned at the beginning of the post, although it is common sense, it is necessary to always have it pointed at the forehead: The faster, the better.

The faster your content and images load the more complete the user experience will be and you will get your new visitor to leave as soon as they arrive.

Chat Bots

The chats are already beginning to be seen in almost all websites and those who do not have it will lose the opportunity to offer an immediate service to the user.

With chatbots, you can provide the user with individualized and personalized attention to their needs. By integrating a chat service into the web design, we can provide the user with an instant response, resolve any doubts they may have, accompany them in their purchase process or retain them.


Today more than ever we need to capture the attention of our users, for that reason, animating backgrounds, banners, shapes and images is almost essential if we want to engage our audience at the moment they land on our website.

Creative typefaces

No more boring typefaces, we are already touching the second decade of the millennium and that requires to be increasingly original and creative. Create combinations, design our own fonts, animate them and experiment with what works and what doesn’t. That is the key to offering a quality web design.

Innovate and you will succeed

Video backgrounds (Recommended in Web Design Trends)

The video in every way is something that is also hitting hard. A video used as background section or header will bring a very visual and creative touch to the design and will generate an indelible impact on the user.

There is nothing better than to give strength to a message than to accompany it with a complete visual experience.

Own creatives. Stock photos are over

It’s time to get rid of image stocks like unsplash or pexels, it is increasingly necessary to offer a unique and unique personality and visual creatives. Some illustrations that convey to the user the values ​​of the brand and everything that it represents

Creating your own images and creatives will be the best way to leave a mark on the user’s mind. This 2019 is the perfect year to start implementing in web design trends.

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Intense and bright colors

Intense and bright colors are a trend that you cannot ignore this 2019.

A good combination of colors is ideal for a website to reinforce your message. If these colors are intense and charismatic, the impact they will generate will be much greater.

However, although the use of these attractive colors is fashionable, they should be used with a head so as not to saturate the user with so many colors on the screen.

Geometric forms

Another of the trends in web design that have already been revealed this 2019 are geometric shapes. This type of design offers the user an easy, modern and creative visual result, since they combine different shapes and colors that are pleasing to the eye.

This type of design is ideal for the most modern projects and with a younger target audience.

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